Widdershins is a single track that heads along the top of Barnicoat Range, linking Glider Road and Involution. It can be completed in either direction, on bike or on foot. ‘Widdershins’ is a Scottish term meaning ‘to keep turning left’.

 Trail Details

 Access and Trail Description

All Barnicoat Range and Marsden Valley trails can be accessed off the end of Marsden Valley Road, 5 min from Stoke. At the end of Marsden Valley Road, just before the quarry, there is small a car park on the right. Here you will find an information panel with a map and details on trail times and distances. There is also plenty of room to park alongside the road.

The western end of Widdershins is easily accessed via Barnicoat Walkway (for those on foot) and Glider Road (for those on bikes).

The track begins at the junction of the Barnicoat Walkway and Glider Road. The first 600 m passes through an area of cleared radiata pine, meaning the track is completely open to great views over the upper Marsden Valley. It then transitions into scrubby manuka and then into beech, making a few twists and turns along the way. Widdershins ends at Jenkins Hill Road, right next to the start of Involution.


 Trail Images

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