629 is black diamond-difficulty downhill MTB trail descending off Sunrise Ridge into the Maitai Valley, east of central Nelson. Getting to the start involves a big climb (around 490 vertical metres).

 Trail Details


629 is accessed via Bob Taylor Road, which begins off Dun Mountain Trail, beyond the Maitai Valley road end. Follow Maitai Valley Road to the road end, and continue across the pedestrian bridge to Dun Mountain Trail on the true left of the Maitai River. Follow the walkway for 1.3 km and turn right onto Bob Taylor Road. The road climbs through pine forestry for 3.2 km before reaching the road end at the northern end of Sunrise Ridge (at 629 m elevation, hence the trail name). Sunrise Ridge Track and 629 start right next to each other (both are signposted).


 Trail Description

The upper section of 629 drops through manuka and beech forest and involves lots of tree roots and rocky patches, before ending with a steep rock face onto Bob Taylor Road, which is crossed to begin the lower section.

The lower section of 629 starts which a rocky chute and descends through native bush with plenty of rocks, roots and ruts. The track opens up into young pine forest and goes through a series of zig-zags with steep corners and a couple of drops over bare rock. For the most part the track is fast and free-flowing. Towards the bottom the track passes through manuka forest, where the number of roots increase but the track is still fast.

629 joins Maitai Valley Road at Smiths Ford.


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