Crankenstein is a Black Diamond-difficulty downhill track descending off the western side of Sunrise Ridge and into Maitai Valley. The trail runs through native bush and features lots of rocks and roots. It can be used as an alternative to the upper section of 629, which removes the climb at the northern end of Sunrise Ridge. Crankenstein ends midway down the valley slope and can be combined with the lower section of 629 to make a full descent to the valley floor.

 Trail Details

Length:   1.5 km Trail Type:   Singletrack
Use:   MTB Primary Direction:   Downhill
Physical Difficulty:   Moderate Technical Difficulty:   Expert
Start Elevation:   670 m Finish Elevation:   420 m
Links to:   Sunrise Ridge, 629


Crankenstein begins on Sunrise Ridge next to beginning of Peaking Ridge track. As Crankenstein starts halfway along the ridge, it is a little bit out of the way. Bob Taylor Road provides the most direct access if you are going specifically do to this trail. Head up Maitai Valley road end and continue along Dun Mountain Trail for 1.3 km to Bob Taylor Road. The road climbs through pine forestry for 3.2 km to the road end at the northern end of Sunrise Ridge.

Crankenstein can be used as an alternative to Peaking Ridge for riders coming via Fringed Hill and Black Diamond Ridge.


 Trail Description

Crankenstein descends the western slopes of Sunrise Ridge, and follows a narrow spur, weaving in between beech trees. The track is loose and rocky in places and there are some off-camber rooty sections to cope with. There are plenty of tree trunks and head-level branches overhanging the track to dodge, as well as a couple of steep chutes to navigate.

Crankenstein finishes up on Big Hill Track (a forestry road); from here it is a short ride north along the road to reach the beginning of the lower section of 629.


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