Kahikatea Track

Kahikatea Track


Kahikatea Track is a walking track on the southern side of Grampians. The track climbs through beautiful native bush and provides the opportunity to see a magnificent Kahikatea tree (the track’s namesake). You may also be lucky enough to encounter kererū and tui, which are becoming more abundant thanks to the pest trapping efforts in the surrounding bush.

 Trail Details

Length:   1.28 km Time Required:   Allow 1-2 hr to create a circuit with other Grampians tracks
Trail Type:   Walking track Physical Difficulty:   Moderate
Uses:   Walking and running Primary Direction:   Either
Start Elevation:   85 m Finish Elevation:   320 m
Links to:   Mahoe Track and Kānuka Track

 Access and Trail Description

Kahikatea Track begins at the small car park on Market Road, in Bishopdale (same as Mahoe Track; see access tab above). Immediately uphill of the car park Mahoe Track splits off to the left, while Kahikatea Track continues straight uphill up a gully, climbing through native bush. After 600 m the track becomes a short boardwalk as it crosses the roots of a 39.40 m tall Kahikatea tree, estimated to be hundreds of years old.

At 305 m elevation Kahikatea Track meets Kānuka Track. You can follow Kānuka Track left as it continues uphill sidling the hillside briefly before intersecting Tawa Track, and joining Mahoe Track soon after. You can reach Grampians Saddle or the summit by following either Tawa or Mahoe Tracks.

Alternatively you can turn right and follow Kānuka Track around the eastern side of Grampians (the signpost refers to the right direction as heading to Brook St).


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