Mamaku Track

Mamaku Track


Mamaku Track on Grampians links Tawa Track to the lookout platform near the summit. The track climbs through a grove of remnant native bush featuring beautiful mamaku ferns, whence the track is named.

 Trail Details

Length:  1 km Trail Type:  Walking track
Uses:  Walking and running Physical Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate
Links to:   All other Grampians Tracks

 Access and Trail Description

Mamaku Track begins on the uphill side of Tawa Track, about 250 m north of where Tukaka Track joins Tawa. The track climbs through exotic trees and pasture, after which a branch of the track breaks off across the gully to join Collingwood Track on the ridge. The track continues upwards, zig-zagging through a corridor of remnant native bush in a shallow gully. The bush has a low canopy so watch your head, as well as your feet, as this section of the track can be quite slippery after rain. The track leaves the bush and continues through low scrub for the remainder of the way to the top. Just below the lookout there is a seat to rest on and admire the great views north toward the central city. The track ends just next to the lookout platform (340 m elevation).

Mamaku Track can be combined with any other Grampians Track to form a longer circuit.


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