Roding Road

Roding Road
Barnicoat Range

Roding Road begins in Aniseed Valley near Roding Dam and climbs the eastern side of Barnicoat Range, linking with Barnicoat Range Road at the top. Roding Road is a great linking trail as part of long rides or trail running circuits between Aniseed Valley and Barnicoat Range.


 Trail Details
Length:   4.2 km one way Time Required:   30 – 45 min going up
Trail Type:   4WD road Physical Difficulty:   Moderate   
Uses:   Running and MTB Primary Direction:   Either
Start Elevation:   175 m Finish Elevation:   500 m
Dog Access:  Dogs are prohibited in Roding Water Reserve Links to:   Barnicoat Range Road, Glider Road, Jenkins Hill Road
 Trail Access

Roding Road is located near the end of Aniseed Valley Road, 19.3 km from Richmond. The road begins 5.3 km from Hacket car park and 2.1 km before the Roding Dam car park. It is open to the public though the surrounding hillside is managed by Hancock Forest Management. The road may close occasionally due to forestry operations.

There is no parking, though it is not the sort of road you would go specifically to do; rather, you would combine it with Aniseed Valley and Barnicoat Range to create a varied circuit from the city. If you’re on foot, a good idea is to get dropped at Hacket car park and run up Aniseed Valley Road to the start of Roding Road (the road is quiet but take care regardless).


 Trail Description

Roding Road starts climbing immediately from Aniseed Valley Road. There is a gate across the road preventing vehicle access. There is a road junction just after the gate, with Couch Road going left and Roding Road (not signposted) going right. Make sure you turn right here, even though Couch Road looks to be in better condition than Roding Road.

Roding Road climbs steadily up the range through felled pine forest initially and then low native trees and scrub higher up. The gradient is not too steep and is consistent the whole way up.

At the top of the range there is a junction after which Roding Road becomes Barnicoat Road. There is no signpost indicating the road name, though turning right at this junction will take you northeast along the eastern edge of the range to the paragliding area at Glider Road. Barnicoat Road then becomes Jenkins Hill Road as it continues along the top of the range to Jenkins Hill.

If you take the left option at the junction you will reach the firebreak along the top of the range, which provides another way to access Glider Road. Barnicoat Road continues southwest along the top of the range all the way to Richmond Hill.


 Route Suggestion

Running: Get dropped at Hacket car park and run 5.3 km up Aniseed Valley Road to the beginning of Roding Road. Climb Roding Road to the top of the range and head northeast along Barnicoat Road to join Glider Road. Descend into Marsden Valley via Glider Road or Barnicoat Walkway.

MTB: Head south from Richmond along Paton Road. Turn left at Aniseed Valley Road and follow it over Aniseed Hill and head up the valley for 12.5 km to reach Roding Road. Climb Roding Road to the top of the range. You can reach Richmond, Stoke and Nelson from here. To reach Richmond, head southwest along Barnicoat Road. To reach Stoke, head northeast along Barnicoat Road to Jenkins Hills Road and descend into Marsden Valley via Involution. To reach central Nelson, head northeast along Barnicoat Road to Jenkins Hill Road and follow the Brook-Waimarama Sanctuary fence to link with Dun Mountain Trail, which will take you into Brook Valley.


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