Barnicoat Range Road

Barnicoat Range Road
Barnicoat Range

Barnicoat Road runs along the top of Barnicoat Range between Stoke and Richmond. It is usually combined with Barnicoat Walkway or Glider Road in Marsden Valley and one or more of the numerous tracks in the Richmond Hills to create a half-day walk or 2-3 hour MTB ride.


 Trail Details
Distances:  4.2 km Marsden Valley to Barnicoat Range Road via Glider Road;  6.1 km Barnicoat summit to Richmond Lookout;  3-4 km Richmond Fire Lookout to Richmond (depending on track). Approx. 14 km total
Time Required:  3-4 hr for walkers, 1-2 hr for MTB Trail Type:  4WD road
Physical Difficulty:  Moderate    Uses:  Walking, running and MTB
Links to: Barnicoat Walkway, Glider Road, Jenkins Hill Road, Roding Road, Silvan MTB Park, Kingsland Forest, Dellside Reserve
 Trail Access

The range can be traversed in either direction. Reaching Barnicoat Road requires you to climb to the top of the range, which involves 400 m vertical ascent (no matter whether you’re starting in Marsden Valley or Richmond). If you’re on foot, the trip will be best enjoyed if you have someone to pick you up at the other end.

From Marsden Valley
All Barnicoat Range and Marsden Valley tracks begin at the end of Marsden Valley Road, which is only a 5 min drive from Stoke. At the end of Marsden Valley Road there is a small car park on the right, just before the quarry. Here you will find an information panel with a map and details on trail times and distances. There is also plenty of room to park alongside the road.

From Richmond
Lookout Road or Henry Road provide the easiest access to the top of the range from Richmond, though there are multiple tracks you can take, including Cavers Track and Silvan Forest Access Road. Lodestone Road, Hill Street (at Jimmy Lee Creek) and Marlborough Crescent (Easby Park) and Lodestone Road are good starting points. If you aim for the fire lookout you will reach Barnicoat Road.


 Trail Description

Beginning at Marsden Valley

Depending if you are on foot or riding, Barnicoat Walkway and Glider Road respectively provide easy access to the top of the range. Barnicoat Road begins at the grassy paragliding area at the end of Glider Road (a signpost indicates that this is the way to reach Richmond).

Barnicoat Road descends along the firebreak from the paragliding area. Roding Road connects on the left after 1 km. The radiata pine forest on the western slopes of the range has grown to a height that unfortunately prevents any view of Stoke and Richmond below, though there are good opportunities for views east toward Mt Malita and Mt Starveall on the Bryant Range. The road gradually descends to a saddle just east of Saxton Hill (3.2 km from Barnicoat summit).

The road gently climbs around the southern side of Saxton Hill. Soon after the saddle there is a shortcut on the right through to Heatons Road, which gives access to the upper tracks of Silvan Forest. The turnoff to Richmond Fire Lookout is on the right 2.5 km from the saddle. The road reaches a low saddle between the lookout and Richmond Hill, where you can climb over the fence to get onto Heatons Road. Heatons Road connects to most other roads and tracks in Kingsland Forest, including Lookout Road, Henry Road, Hang Ten and Slippery Rail. You can also head back north along Heatons Road to get to Silvan MTB Park.

If you continue along the road as it sidles the southern side of Richmond Hill, you will reach a gate that you can climb over to get onto Henry Road and descend to Grassy Saddle. Do not continue along the road as there are no other ways to get down from the range beyond here. Whichever tracks you choose to get back down to Richmond, the distance won’t be more than 4 km.


 Trail Images

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