Grampians Summit Road

Grampians Summit Road


The Grampians Summit Road is a gravel service road for the transmission tower at the summit. It is the only road access right to the summit and provides a good uphill challenge amid pleasant native bush surrounds. Being a gravel road it is suited to both walkers and bikers.

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 Access and Trail Description

Grampians Summit Road begins off Robinson Road in the Brook Valley. The road heads up a gully and after 1 km makes a hairpin turn, and Kanuka Track splits off and continues straight up the gully. The road winds up the hill slope through native bush for another 1.4 km, before reaching the ridge (at 270 m) and linking and with Grampians Walkway. The road continues uphill to Grampians Saddle (where Tawa and Mahoe Tracks are met) and climbs the final 300 m to the summit.

As with all other tracks on Grampians, the Summit Road can be combined with other tracks to create a longer, more varied route. A good option is to take Kanuka Track on the return leg back to Brook Valley.


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  1. Are u allowed motorbikes up the grampins hills

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