Kānuka Track

Kanuka Track


Kānuka Track contours the southeastern slopes of Grampians through kānuka trees and native bush, and connects to Brook Valley. Kānuka Track is well-graded meaning it is great for trail running and is the best-suited track on Grampians for mountain-biking.

 Trail Details

Length:  1.9 km from Brook Street to Mahoe Track (via ‘south’ option); 2 km to Grampians Summit Road (via ‘north’ option)
Time Required:  Allow 1-2 hr to create a circuit with other Grampians tracks Trail Type:  Walking track
Physical Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate Uses:   Walking, running and MTB
Links to:   Mahoe Track, Grampians Walkway and Grampians Summit Road

 Access and Trail Description

Kānuka Track can be accessed in several ways. If approaching from Brook Valley, begin up Grampians Summit Road. At the first hairpin turn in the road, follow Kānuka Track as it continues straight up the gully, while the road turns back to the north. After nearly 700 m Couch Saddle is reached (at 235 m elevation). Sugar Loaf can be accessed by passing through the gate and heading along the road that follows the eastern side of the gully.
Kānuka Track turns back north and 450 m uphill of Couch Saddle the track splits in two; The north branch passes through beautiful stands of Silver Fern, Mamaku and Kānuka (after which the track is named) and connects with Grampians Walkway on the ridge north of the summit. The south branch heads south around the hillside through regenerating native bush and scrub, eventually linking up with Kahikatea Track and Mahoe Track.

If approaching from Market Road, you can access Kānuka Track by heading up Mahoe Track or Kahikatea Track, both of which connect to it. If approaching from Collingwood St, follow Grampians Walkway along the ridge north of the summit, where Kānuka Track heads into the bush on the left (it is signposted).


 Route Suggestion

To complete a full loop of Grampians, begin next to Fairfield House on Van Diemen Street and head south along Tawa Track. At the intersection of Tawa and Mahoe Tracks, turn left up Mahoe and climb to Grampians Saddle. Immediately next to where Mahoe Track ends, the Uphill end of Tawa track descends off the saddle; this will take you to Kānuka Track, which you can follow around the eastern side of the summit and link back into Grampians Walkway, following it north back toward Collingwood Street.


 Trail Images

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