Tantragee Saddle

Tantragee Saddle


Tantragee Saddle is a moderate climb between Brook Valley and Maitai Valley and is an access point for Codgers MTB Park, Fringed Hill, and Dun Mountain Trail. The 4WD road over the saddle can be combined with Maitai River Walkway to form a 11.5 km off-road loop within close range of the city centre.

Tantragee Aboretum, on the Maitai Valley side of the saddle, is planted with exotic deciduous trees and serves as a firebreak between the forestry blocks on Sharland Hill and Fringed Hill. It is a pleasant place for a walk or to stop for a picnic.

The name ‘Tantragee’ is thought to be a corruption of ‘Tanderagee’, which was the name of early settler John Kidson’s Brook Valley property. Tanderagee is the name of a small town in Ireland[1].

 Trail Details

Length:  4.7 km (Brook Valley to Maitai Valley); 11.5 km (Sharland Hill circuit via Maitai Valley Walkway and Brook Street)
Uses:  Walking, running and MTB Physical Difficulty:  Easy-Moderate
Trail Type:  4WD road Primary Direction:  Either
Links to:   Codgers MTB Park, Fringed Hill Road, Dun Mountain Trail, Maitai River Walkway


The Brook Valley end of Tantragee Road begins at the car park on the left immediately after Brook Street crosses The Brook (see Access tab above).

On the Maitai Valley side there is a car park on the right hand side of Maitai Valley Road, immediately down-valley of the motor camp (signposted from the road as Dun Mountain Trail start). There is also a small car park on the right immediately after the motor camp, with a bridge across to the end of Maitai Valley Walkway.


 Trail Description

The road heads up a gully towards the Nelson City Council water treatment plant. Codgers Track connects on the left just after the treatment plant. The road cuts back above the plant, and Dun Mountain Trail begins on the right. At the saddle (180 m elevation) there is an intersection between Tantragee Road, Fireball Road (access to upper Codgers tracks) and Fringed Hill Road (access to Fringed Hill).

The road descends into Groom Creek gully, passing water treatment ponds and then forks; here you can either head right and pass through the arboretum and reach the end of Maitai Valley Walkway, where there is a pedestrian bridge across Maitai River. Heading straight will see you bypass the motor camp and link with Maitai River Walkway immediately down-valley of Maitai Motor Camp, where there is a road bridge across Maitai River to Maitai Valley Road.


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 Further Reading

[1]Maitai Valley, Nelson – The Prow article

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