Mahoe Track

Mahoe Track


Mahoe Track climbs through lush native bush on the southern side of Grampians. The track begins at Market Road in Bishopdale and reaches Grampians Saddle (350 m), connecting with Kahikatea Track and Tawa Track along the way.

 Trail Details

Length:   2 km Time Required:   Allow 1-2 hr to create a circuit with other Grampians tracks
Trail Type:   Walking track Physical Difficulty:   Moderate
Uses:   Walking and running Primary Direction:   Either
Start Elevation:   85 m Finish Elevation:   320 m
Links to:   Kahikatea Track and Tawa Track

 Access and Trail Description

Mahoe Track climbs the southern slopes of Grampians. The track starts from a car park on the left side Market Rd in Bishopdale. Follow Kahikatea Track for a short distance before turning onto Mahoe as it forks to the left. The track zig-zags for a few hundred metres before heading north on the edge of a gully and meeting Tawa Track. The two tracks combine as one for 150 m, before Mahoe steps off to the right, and continues up the gully.

The track makes a sweeping zig-zag pattern up the gully and the gradient for the remainder of the distance to the top is quite gentle. The track passes through dense native bush, beneath the canopy of which can be quite cool and dimly lit, particularly in the morning and late afternoon; this makes it a good option on a hot day. A couple of zig-zags before the top a track linking to Kahikatea Track forks to the right.

Mahoe Track emerges onto Grampians Saddle (350 m), adjacent to Grampians Summit Road.


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