Barnicoat Walkway

Barnicoat Walkway


Barnicoat Walkway provides a challenging climb to the top of the Barnicoat Range. Beginning near the head of Marsden Valley in Stoke, the popular walkway is usually combined with Glider Road or Involution to form a 1-2 hr long loop. The top of the range offers excellent views over the city and Tasman Bay.

 Trail Details


Barnicoat Walkway begins off Glider Road, which is only a 5 minute drive from Stoke up Marsden Valley Road. At the end of Marsden Valley Road there is a small car park on the right, just before the quarry. Here you will find an information panel with a map and details on trail times and distances. There is also plenty of room to park alongside the road.


 Trail Description

To get onto Barnicoat Walkway, head up Glider Road for 800 m. A signpost indicates Barnicoat Walkway as it begins steeply on the left. The track climbs through pine forest for 300 m before emerging onto a firebreak. The hill slope to the left has been cleared of pine forest, allowing open views of upper Marsden Valley and Jenkins Hill. The track follows the firebreak directly up the spur, following the power lines. The gradient is nearly twice as steep Glider Road, so it is more physically challenging.

The walkway reaches a skid site at 580 m elevation. To return to the Marsden Valley road you can head south along Glider Road and follow it back down to Marsden Valley (creating a 7 km loop), or north along Widdershins or Jenkins Hill Road and down Involution (creating a 9 km loop). You can also continue along Barnicoat Range Road to get to Richmond.



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