Grampians Walkway

Grampians Walkway


Grampians Walkway is the most popular track on Grampians. Beginning at the end of Collingwood St on the edge of central Nelson, the walkway follows the ridge directly to the TV repeater station at the summit. It is great as a return trip and it can also be combined with one or more other Grampians tracks to create a longer loop. The walkway involves a reasonable amount of climbing, though spectacular views of the central city and Tasman Bay are on offer.

 Trail Details

Length:   4.8 km return to Summit; 5.5 km return via Kānuka Track Time Required:   Allow 1-2 hr
Trail Type:   Walking track/4WD road Physical Difficulty:   Moderate
Uses:   Walking and running Primary Direction:   Either
Start Elevation:   55 m Max Elevation:   390 m
Links to:   All other Grampians tracks


Grampians Walkway begins at the uphill end of Collingwood Street, in central Nelson (see Access tab above). Upper Collingwood Street is steep and narrow, meaning parking is for residents only. The best places to park are on Collingwood Street downhill of Brougham St, or on upper Trafalgar Street.


 Trail Description

The first section of the walkway above Collingwood Street is best described as a ‘grunty zig-zag’, as it makes its way up the steep hill slope through well-spaced plantings of mature exotic trees to the trig at the ridge. After a short respite from the uphill, the walkway climbs again, straight up the ridge; here you will enjoy one of the best vantage points for viewing central Nelson. Ronaki Track connects on the right, and the walkway climbs again through a small area of pine plantation, before flattening out again on a wide grassy corridor and meeting Grampians Summit Road and Kānuka Track. You can continue up the walkway to the lookout platform and then the summit. There are multiple options for the return leg, depending on how far you want to go (see map for options).


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