Monaco Peninsula

Monaco Peninsula


Monaco Peninsula is a short coastal loop on quiet residential streets that is popular among walkers and casual cyclists. It is a particularly scenic route, offering expansive views across Waimea Inlet to Stoke, Richmond and the hills behind, as well as Oyster Island and Arthur Range to the west. It is best suited as a short walk or run, or used as an additional loop to bump up the kilometres on a longer run or ride. The route is especially enjoyable in calm conditions at high tide.

 Trail Details

Length:   3.7 km return from car park next to Honest Lawyer Time Required:   45 min for walkers, 16-24 min for the average runner
Trail Type:   Shared pathway and residential streets (and 300 m of sand) Physical Difficulty:   Easy
Links to:  Whakatu Coastal Pathway


Songer Street provides the only road access to Monaco. There is no defined starting point though the small car park next to the Honest Lawyer on Point Road (immediately after the Whakatu Drive Overbridge) is convenient for people driving to Monaco (see Access tab above). If you’re on foot or bike, Whakatu Drive Coastal Pathway links directly into the Monaco Peninsula Loop from both the north and south (refer to the map to see where).


 Trail Description

The beginning of the route follows the Whakatu Coastal Pathway alongside Point Road around the cove. Follow the wide pathway along the straight length of Point Road. After 1 km Martin Street begins on the right. The peninsula loop can be completed in either direction, meaning you can continue straight along Point Road, or turn right into Martin Street. Note that Point Road reverts to sand for about 300 m between Martin and Rainier Streets and is impassable at high tide. In this case you will need to use Martin Street both ways, making a smaller loop by cutting through Rainier Street, then complete the loop by returning to the intersection of Martin St and Point Rd. Head back the way you came along Point Rd.


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