Nelson Airport Perimeter

Nelson Airport Perimeter


Nelson Airport Perimeter Walkway is a loop trail around the outside of Nelson Airport. It is an enjoyable route as it is almost completely off-road (the only traffic being the planes overhead) and the activity at the airport provides an interesting backdrop. Note that cyclists are not permitted within the walkway access gates. Nelson Airport is also the starting point for Tasman’s Great Taste Trail.


 Trail Details

Distances:   5.8 km (Complete loop from car park opposite Rapide Place) Time Required:   1 hr 15 min for walkers, 30 min for runners
Trail Type:   A mix of asphalt (2.8 km), grass (2.6 km) and gravel (0.4 km) Physical Difficulty:   Easy
Uses:   Walking only Primary Direction:   Either (loop)
Links to:   Whakatu Coastal Pathway, Tasman’s Great Taste Trail


The walkway is located at Nelson Airport. For those driving to the start, there is a car park on the left side of Trent Drive, opposite the hangars. This is the starting point of the Great Taste Trail, which crosses Jenkins Creek and heads south to connect with Whakatu Coastal Pathway.


 Trail Description

The walkway can be completed in either direction. For those completing it clockwise, follow the perimeter road south along Jenkins Creek tidal channel. Go through the southern access gate, and follow the road as it passes the southern end of the runway. Pay no attention to the ‘Stop’ signs alongside the road; these are aimed at vehicles rather than pedestrians. The road heads north past the sewage treatment plant, and runs parallel to the runway for about 650 m, before turning towards the coast and changing to gravel soon after. The beachfront section is grassed, and provides good views across Blind Channel and out to Tasman Bay.

After 750 m along the beachfront Nelson Golf Course is reached. Continue along the walkway as it follows the edge of the course for about 1 km, before reaching the northern access gate. Head north for a short distance to the golf course car park, before cutting through to Bolt road. Follow this new route and head south along Bolt Rd, past the roundabout and follow the shared pathway along Trent Drive back to the car park.


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