Tamaki Steps

Tamaki Steps


A gut-busting series of steps linking Tamaki Street with Princes Drive, on the Tahuna Hills. Popular among fitness aficionados for hill sprint repetitions, as well as those wanting to include a challenging section as part of a longer run.

 Trail Details

Length:   240 m Trail type:   Sealed Pathway (steps)
Uses:   Walking and running Physical Difficulty:   Easy-Moderate
Start Elevation:   80 m Finish Elevation:   150 m

 Access and Trail Description

Tamaki Steps begin at the uphill end of Tamaki Street, Tahuna, and end at Princes Drive. There is plenty of street parking at either end if you are going specifically to climb the steps. See Access tab above.

The steps head straight uphill off Tamaki Street for 150 m, then flatten out and drop into a small gully, before climbing straight up to Princes Drive.


 Route Suggestion

If you are incorporating Tamaki Steps as part of a longer run, there is a pedestrian accessway from Tahuna Drive to the downhill end of Tamaki Street. Continue straight up Tamaki Street and up the steps. Combine with Days Track or Piper Park Track for a longer loop.


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