Lower Reservoir Creek Walkway

Lower Reservoir Creek Walkway


Lower Reservoir Creek Walkway follows Reservoir Creek through Richmond and connects Whakatu Coastal Pathway to Hill Street.

 Trail Details

Length:  2.2 km Whakatu Coastal Pathway to Hill Street Uses:  Walking and running
Trail Type:  Walking track Physical Difficulty:   Easy
Links to:   Great Taste Trail, Whakatu Coastal Pathway and Meadow Lane Walkway

 Access and Trail Description

The walkway starts from Whakatu Coastal Pathway next to Waimea Inlet and goes through an underpass next to the creek, beneath Richmond Deviation. It then crosses Champion Road, passes the Tasman Aquatic Centre and goes through another underpass beneath Salisbury Road. The walkway follows the creek through a winding reserve corridor, planted with native vegetation and backed onto by residential properties. Along this section there are access ways through to Holdaway Grove and Magnolia Place.

The walkway reaches Templemore Drive next to Templemore Ponds, before turning south along a straightened section of the creek, adjacent to Stillwater Garden Retirement Village. The walkway turns back toward the hills and opens up into a wider reserve next to Welsh Place. From here it continues as a gravel pathway to Hill Street. There are access ways through to Walker Place, Dartmoor Place, Shetland Place, and Templemore Drive.

The upstream continuation of the walkway continues from Easby Park up Reservoir Creek gully as a rougher walking track, eventually giving access to Barnicoat Range.

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