Poorman Stream Walkway

Poorman Stream Walkway


Poorman Stream Walkway follows Poorman Stream through Stoke. It is used by many students on their way to and from school and is a good link between Railway Reserve Pathway and Whakatu Coastal Pathway.

Beginning at Whakatu Coastal Pathway, the walkway goes through underpass alongside Poorman Stream, beneath Whakatu Drive. Note that this underpass is notorious for being inundated and after heavy rainfall and during high tide. The walkway reaches Nayland College where a vehicle bridge crosses Poorman Stream, giving access to Seaview Road. The walkway enters Nayland College and follows the top of the stopbank above the playing fields, where a pedestrian bridge crosses to Thetford Chase on the right. At the entrance to Nayland College there is a pedestrian crossing across Nayland Road; use the crossing and turn right along Nayland Road. The walkway continues alongside Broadgreen Intermediate before joining the Railway Reserve Pathway at a four-way intersection. The walkway continues through to Neale Ave.

You can continue alongside Poorman Stream through Isel Park, but as the walkway ends at Neale Ave you will need to reach it via Putaitai St or Kea St and Main Rd Stoke.

 Trail Details

Length:  1.2 km Time Type:  Sealed/unsealed walking track
Uses:  Walking and running Physical Difficulty:  Easy
Links to:  Whakatu Coastal Pathway and Railway Reserve Pathway

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 Further Reading

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