Meadow Lane Walkway

Meadow Lane Walkway

Meadow Lane Walkway follows a tributary of Reservoir Creek between Templemore Drive and Hill Street in Richmond. The walkway begins on Templemore Drive, opposite Stillwater Gardens Retirement Village and follows the true left of the stream. The stream and walkway follow a corridor planted with native vegetation, backed onto by residential properties. A bridge crosses the stream just before Hill Street. There are accessways through to Forget-Me-Not Lane and Heron Grove. Meadow Lane Walkway links directly to Lower Reservoir Creek Walkway, so the two can be combined as part of a longer walking or running route.


 Trail Details

Length:   630 m Uses:  Walking and running
Trail Type:  Unsealed walking track Physical Difficulty:  Easy
Links to:   Lower Reservoir Creek Walkway

 Trail Images

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